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This 1st entry: on 8th May, 2011.

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Jennifer Wimborne is a widely produced feature film author (-director by narration) by some 300 noms de plume, some 30 of them very very famous names: represented to the public by noms de plume & stand-ins: eg. and including, 'Quentin Tarantino', 'Alejandro Inarittu', 'Robert Rodat','Lee Hall', 'Eleanor and Percy Adlon','Juliette Towhidi', ''Helen Fielding' & Andrew Davis', 'Zhang Yimou'.

Jennifer Wimborne is a creative and a conceptualist within many fields of endeavour.

She invented the global analogical search engine, the intenet server and email and eg.: 'Tim Berners Lee' is a nom de plume with ghost executants, of her.